The Great Villians are kings of elemental forces in Lakie En Lappie, Lakie En Rugby, Lakie En Paaltje, Lakie En Lakje and Lakie En Kirby.

Lakie En LappieEdit

Shadow King

Electric King

Tornado King

Ice King

Spider King

Lakie En RugbyEdit

Volcano King

Ocean King

Cosmic King

Lakie En PaaltjeEdit

Stone King

Grass King

Lakie En SpookjeEdit

Lightning King

Unknown Green King

Unknown Purple King

Lakie En LakjeEdit

Metal King

Sand King

Cloud King

Paint King

Lakie En KirbyEdit

Dark King


  • If you see, 13 king appear in other seasons.
  • In Lakie En Kirby, Lakie will know as GrandMaster Lakie.
  • In Lakie En Clowntje will not appear a king.
  • The Electric King will appear in Lakie En Rugby in Blue form, but in Lakie En Spookje will appear a blue Lightning King


6 Seasons

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